Hearts of God Ministries ~ Shackled No More

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“We Won’t Be SHACKLED NO MORE! I pray that is and will continue to be a true statement for you.

May God bless all of you on as we have completed this particular milestone in our journey and in our successful walk to freedom in every aspect of your lives.

Congratulations and thanks to all those who participated and worked tirelessly to amplify the voices toward freedom during our First Annual “Hearts for God Ministries” Women’s Conference entitled: “SHACKLED NO MORE!”

Thank you to all who made this possible, the Light House Temple C.O.G.I.C. members who has been with us throughout and before the conference. Thank you also to the Women who has worked hard alongside us as our brilliant facilitators; Evangelist Louise Rushing, Evangelist Sharyle Donaldson, Evangelist Sandra Robinson, & Pastor Jacqueline Jackson.

And now I come to you, the delegates. Thank You! We appreciate your presence and participation during this Spirit-filled and anointed time with the Lord.
We applaud your commitment to immerse yourself for two days before the Lord to receive something from the Lord.

Praise be to God. This event is only one step in a longer process to ensure that the Hearts For God Ministries are heard and felt in a way that draws others closer to God.

God's Sufficiency Exceeds Our Need

For every need, there is a name of God that meets the need. Our lack is perfectly engineered to magnify His perfect sufficiency. The great I AM stands ready with His supply from His eternal riches. His infinite supply magnifies in bold relief our complete dependence on Him. It is not I, but Christ. Celebrate how he reveals himself to you this week in his names.

When we need a hug, Abba-Father takes us in His arms to love us and protect us.

When we need someone on our side, He is our Advocate, the divine lawyer who pleads our case.

When life has knocked us down, the Breath of the Almighty renews our life and refreshes our strength. He is vital to our existence because in Him we live and move and have our being.When we feel totally helpless, Faithful and True is absolutely dependable and trustworthy.

When the shame of the past weighs heavily upon us, the Father of mercies cleanses our sin and our memories in the sea of His forgetfulness.

When we feel weary and discouraged, our God of hope lifts the burden of responsibility from our shoulders and puts it on His shoulders of government of our circumstances.

When we are stressed and overwhelmed, Jehovah-Shalom, our peace, floods our souls with assurance that He cares about every detail.

When we can't forgive ourselves, the blood of Jehovah-Tsidkenu, our righteousness, has wiped our slate clean, no matter what we have done, because He is our sinless sacrifice.

When we treasure His salvation and desire His intimate friendship, the heart of Jesus bursts with joy.

When we have been wronged, our Righteous Judge settles all violations against us with perfect judgment, so we must not take matters into our own hands.

When we need guidance, the Spirit of Truth is the infinite Word of God available to us to give understanding that is accurate and reliable.

We have everything we need because His name is called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace


Pastor Nate Wilson & 1st Lady Venetia Wilson